A Response to Mule Variations

Track 2, Variation 7
from Black Market Baby
Needle in a Diamond - sp
nner man of roads. sl
ghtly off the coast of the hour. your pa

ng, blue #1
s a s

gn of th
ngs to come. the blueness, noth
ng less than a pot kaput, kaput, kaput w
th a st
n the yard.

Swank - moths st
ck to the l

ght bulbs. there
s a des

re for cold b
rds on a gas stove. for the hotels of sl

nky and electr
c gu

tars. mouthp

Swinging Out - eyes a clos
ng bell, agog. there are several cups of coffee f

lled to vary
ng levels, trembl

ng under the boom of the base through the ampl

ers on stage. t
ny cups of d

amonds with needles jangl

n the m

There in the Rough - take the r
dge along the tongue to the top of the mouth. accept the word w

th a fullbreath. move the t
cker along w

th robust sound of the s

ng vo
ce. draw the

r attent
on out w

th a spoonful.

Your Eyes - fl

ng. a tadpole lead away from compl
cated, but on hold presently,

ng enough. as they shout your eyelashes flap

n the a

Little Light Bulbs - l
ghter than a

r bulbs. contracted w
th f

re to surround the stage and unan
mously explode. f

ndoors. destroyed hand puppets of applause w

th tadpoles.

My Cold Tongue - raster
zed port

on of the poem that speaks to you. crumpled and dry w
th age, fall

ng onto her shoes. the danger s

n the bass. a humph. a humph. a humph.

Sticking to You - the market share
s darker than usual. red hatted man peels back the shudders and floats through the f

lm between frames, leav
ng h

s contract w
th the v

ewer. look closer. you're def

Like a Fingerprint -
ts gonna be. be. be.

ts gonna be. en masse swamp. a collect
ve conjunct

on. a pool of movers not qu
te shak

n the.

ts gonna be. be. be. please make
t be.

A Cowbells - jump
t up. the t

ng collapses eardrummers. everyth

s out of tune beaut
fully and sl

ght. refra
n of the over and out. the water horn. a turnabout of back-up s

ngers never has to happen
n the market. man.

A Map Under Magnification - a sk d over the stage secret sta
rcasecenter. the aud
ence focuses on

t. the bells r

n the orchestra p
t of your heart. a way

nto the text of the great play. but alas, the sta

s the po

That Turns Out -
n mot

fs of the twent
es, she danced clad

n black across the h
gh w

re. the change of direct

n the tent w
nd brought downhush l

ke a veloc
raptor from the heavens. pa

nted stars on the ce l
ng fabr

To Be a Fracture - puncture wound on the thumb makes the strumm
nggo sound. l

sten carefully to the pa
n of


Your Bags of Whiskey - across the stage a f
gure scoots on bootbottoms w

th no scent at all. the tra
l of potatoes fall

ng out of sacks t
ed to h

s wa
st are the rhythm of

t. carefully now, l

Can't Keep Me - hound of the needle, forever try
ng to push through the eyehole. cold beads of sweat over fur. the scary hydraul

c beast. fort

ed for the clapp
ng crews. a corner of beef. move

n man's best fr

From Calling You - no k
smet f

gures meet

n the t
ny background l

ghts. arable of facesk
n. t

me pushes her tool across h
s ch

n. smooth but not ord
nary, he gr

ns as the solo
nterprets the blacked out c

rcles sway
ng before h

m. anonymous as prayers.

Aphrodite - on a h

n oh
o. h

tch h

ng to a ranch
n nevada. all the goddesses are go

ng there.

Expensive - corner go-go of the base player, overshadowed by her
nstrument. a f

st of the str
ngs popp

n g

nstyle and smell
ng of coffee smoke. the song beg


Stolen - d

n the shape of a heart. almonds
n her teeth as we k

ss. the song concludes after repeat
ng for a t

me. exhal
ng we both amen

nto sleep

1.) Gather a needle, light bulbs, cowbell, map, something fractured, bottle of whiskey and something stolen.
2.) Place them just so.
3.) Snap a photograph of them against a white background.
4.) Write out the text as a letter addressed to Dear Friend.
5.) Place all of the objects, the letter and the photograph in a box and label it Fingerprint Project.
6.) Hide the box somewhere and never really speak of it.
7.) Bestow this to someone you love in your will. Tell them it was a project you could never complete.
8.) Be assured they will never forget you when you are gone.