A Response to Mule Variations

Track 2, Variation 3
from Black Market Baby

1.) Needle in a Diamond- spinner man of roads. slightly off the coast of the hour. your painting, blue #1 is a sign of things to come. the blueness, nothing less than a pot kaput, kaput, kaput with a stick in the yard. 2.) Swank- moths stick to the light bulbs. there is a desire for cold birds on a gas stove. for the hotels of slinky and electric guitars. mouthpiecesofwood. 3.) Swinging Out- eyes a closing bell, agog. there are several cups of coffee filled to varying levels, trembling under the boom of the base through the amplifiers on stage. tiny cups of diamonds with needles jangling in the mix. 4.) There in the Rough- take the ridge along the tongue to the top of the mouth. accept the word with a fullbreath. move the ticker along with robust sound of the singing voice. draw their attention out with a spoonful. 5.) Your Eyes- flickering. a tadpole lead away from complicated, but on hold presently, interesting enough. as they shout your eyelashes flap in the air. 6.) Little Light Bulbs- lighter than air bulbs. contracted with fire to surround the stage and unanimously explode. fireworks indoors. destroyed hand puppets of applause with tadpoles. 7.) My Cold Tongue- rasterized portion of the poem that speaks to you. crumpled and dry with age, falling onto her shoes. the danger sign is in the bass. a humph. a humph. a humph. 8.) Sticking to You- the market share is darker than usual. red hatted man peels back the shudders and floats through the film between frames, leaving his contract with the viewer. look closer. you're defined. 9.) Like a Fingerprint- its gonna be. be. be. its gonna be. en masse swamp. a collective conjunction. a pool of movers not quite shaking in the. its gonna be. be. be. please make it be. 10.) A Cowbells- jump it up. the ting collapses eardrummers. everything is out of tune beautifully and slight. refrain of the over and out. the water horn. a turnabout of back-up singers never has to happen in the market. man. 11.) A Map Under Magnification- a skid over the stage secret staircasecenter. the audience focuses on it. the bells ringing in the orchestra pit of your heart. a way into the text of the great play. but alas, the staircase is the point. 12.) That Turns Out- in motifs of the twenties, she danced clad in black across the high wire. the change of direction in the tent wind brought downhush like a velociraptor from the heavens. painted stars on the ceiling fabric. 13.) To Be a Fracture- puncture wound on the thumb makes the strumminggo sound. listen carefully to the pain of it. 14.) Your Bags of Whiskey- across the stage a figure scoots on bootbottoms with no scent at all. the trail of potatoes falling out of sacks tied to his waist are the rhythm of it. carefully now, listen. 15.) Can't Keep Me- hound of the needle, forever trying to push through the eyehole. cold beads of sweat over fur. the scary hydraulic beast. fortified for the clapping crews. a corner of beef. move in man's best friend. 16.) From Calling You- no kismet figures meeting in the tiny background lights. arable of faceskin. time pushes her tool across his chin. smooth but not ordinary, he grins as the solo interprets the blacked out circles swaying before him. anonymous as prayers. 17.) Aphrodite- on a highway in ohio. hitch hiking to a ranch in nevada. all the goddesses are going there. 18.) Expensive- corner go-go of the base player, overshadowed by her instrument. a fist of the strings popping in ginstyle and smelling of coffee smoke. the song begins. 19.) Stolen- diamonds in the shape of a heart. almonds in her teeth as we kiss. the song concludes after repeating for a time. exhaling we both amen into sleeping.