A Response to Mule Variations

Track 1, Variation 3
from Big In Japan

1.) In the Stripes- light passes through the window while we remove our clothes. hush of snowmust. smell of winter, a flake of cinnamon behind her knees when gently, the mouth begins its clumsy intrusion. 2.) The Dogs- some people refuse to admit they find certain body parts endearing: toes, nostrils, dimpleofass and morning face in the bright afterward of dreaming. 3.) Japan- there is fortitude in appropriation. your tiny black shoes. winddress adrag behind you as though you floated through sand rather than walked through it. black hair in a pony tail, freshly thinned. 4.) A Mouse Does It with a Rat- the same movement, archaic, in the steady tilt of the neck beside neck. a tree branch bit by lighting. now awash in a relative tree branch. less light between them, the intent. 5.) Furry Love- the ripped edge of your bras, a slip of the objectifier one night when drunk. her. object and quite comfortable with obsession. 6.) Two of Us- in a line of sight, the flattened plane. then a cube with nothing but the hot air escaping between us, holding me up. a marketing trick really, a move to prepare to flatten once more. and once again, once more. 7.) Gulping- throat as microphone. did you notice? sequentially a high sound. spit spooling on the tongue. an exhale. the process of taking. beware of choking on yourself. 8.) You Really Do Have Such Standout Hands- whippet of the wrist, steady as to second, when neartolip. the syndicate lover, a maze of metals, sending sparks into her eyes when they finally pulsate open like a mouth in crescendo peek. then blackness.