A Response to Mule Variations

The W. and the L.
Variation 15
from Big In Japan

L passes through, thew. She removes her clothes. (Hush of snowmust.) Smell of W, (a snowflake). Her knees when gently the mouth begs, clumsy, trusting. Some people refuse to... Body parts are endearing: toes (of L) and morning face, the afterward of dream.

"There is fortitude in your black shoes W", her dress adrag.

W, as though he floated through sand rather than walked through it. (The same movementarch.) Steady it of the neck. Neck- a tree branch (by L). 10:00 now, awash (a tree branchless moment) between them (a tent).

"The edge of your bras, of the object", his object and comfortable obsession with the flattened plane. (W- a cube.)

"Nothing but the hot cap between us."

"Hold me."

"Upmarket me really." (A move to prepare to flatten...) Throat sequencing... a high sound. Tool on the tongue.

An exhale, the process of beware of OK.


Pet of W.

Steady as to second. When nearto a lover. Amaze of metals sends sparks when... They ally. Pulsate open, L, a mouth crescendo peek.

And W- a blackness.